Hello! You’ve found the website of the writer Luca Veste. I am a writer of Italian and Scouse heritage, married with two young daughters, and one of nine children.

I am the author of the Murphy and Rossi series, set in Liverpool. The first book in the series – Dead Gone – was described as ‘Darkly Impressive’ by The Times and was a Top 20 bestseller in Ebook and Top 30 in paperback. The second in the series – The Dying Place – made the top 40 on Amazon.

The third in the series – Bloodstream – is released in October 2015, from Simon and Schuster.4Bloodstream2.5

Dead Gone was published in Germany – Die Lektion Des Todes – and Czech Republic –Β Dopisy Mrtvych – in 2015.

I edited the ‘Off the Record’ charity anthology series, which features short stories from some of the top names in British and US fiction.

I am represented by Philip Patterson at Marjacq Scripts LtdΒ – enquiries@marjacq.com

A former civil servant, actor, singer and guitarist (although I still pick it up now and again), I now divide my time between home life, university work and writing.

Dead Gone available in paperback here – Waterstones

The Dying Place available in paperback here – Waterstones

Bloodstream available in paperback here – Waterstones

AlsoΒ available in all good bookshops!


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  1. I’m so glad you managed to write a book it looks amazing! You have achieved so much. Love Gabby, Lucy and Meghan x

  2. Hiya Luca,
    Never done this before! I haven’t even finished ‘Dead Gone’ but feel that compliments are due already. The story line and characters are very credible and perhaps it’s that ‘it could so easily happen’ concept that makes it so frightening.
    And I haven’t even got to the end yet!
    Luca, if this is what you’re capable of in your first book, then give us a shout when your second one’s out, and meanwhile love and thanks from Jill in Sheffield, the 96 and good people here are with you all the way. XxxxxX

  3. Just read your book today in one sitting. Couldn’t put it down. Managed to guess the killer towards the end, such a well written story. Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you.

  4. Just bought your book after seeing reviews on amazon and about to read it. Delighted to see an ex pupil doing so well. Keep it up!!
    Alan Gosling.

    • Hello, sir! Fantastic to hear from you. Hope you enjoyed the book. You’re widely acknowledged as one of the best teachers I, and many others, ever had. Hope you’re doing well.

  5. Oh my, how fantastic is yr book. Congratulations, you should be very proud. I’m not a really a person that reads much but yr book caught my eye and I’ve not been able to put it down. Next please! Can’t wait….. Well done and thank you

  6. I hope you’re writing another another as I type. Dead Gone is a brilliant book. Gripping from the start. I actually hate to read a good book because I’m so fed up when it ends! Keep up the good work. Good luck.

  7. Just sat in my conservatory in the sunshine and finished ‘Dead Gone’. Thank you – it was an excellent read and I shall look forward to reading more.

      • Hi πŸ™‚ Loved Dead Gone, now just started the Dying Place – cant stop reading it – great characters, love Murphy and Rossi – keep up the good work !!

  8. Hi Luca
    Just finished Dead Gone. I will admit it drove me mad flicking back and forth but I couldn’t stop reading it. I really enjoyed it and hope you write more Murphy and Rossi books. Thanks for a great read. Louise Guilfoyle

  9. Not since Girl with the Dragon Tattoo have I found my heart beating this fast with adrenalin and I’m not even halfway through. As an ex PC and Wirral Scouser(?!) I thought the characters were totally believable. I’ m hooked!

  10. Hi Luca , just had to drop you a line after reading Dead Gone this weekend !! very original and quite scary but the piece i loved the best was your use of real historical events to your story . by doing this it seems to bring it even closer to life !! good luck with the next book and thanks for the great read πŸ˜‰

  11. Just finished ‘Dead Gone’ – dead good. A great achievement. Well done. I’m going to try to sleep now if I dare turn off the light.

  12. Hi Luca. I’ve just finished reading The Dying Place which I enjoyed every bit as much as Dead Gone. Yet again I was racing through the last part. Great characters and I love the Murphy/Rossi team. Looking forward to the next one.

    • In case this is my ex-English teacher Mrs Moorhouse, thanks Mrs Moorhouse! Even years later I would struggle with calling a former teacher by her first name πŸ˜‰ Really pleased you liked The Dying Place as much as Dead Gone. Hope that continues into the third in the series next November!

  13. Hi Luca, just read Dead Gone and The Dying Place in a weekend. Best books I’ve read in I don’t know how long, fantastic characters, utterly captivating and totally believable storylines and exceptional endings (The Dying Place in particular). I just have one question, when can I read Murphy and Rossi’ s next adventure?? Hands down my new favourite author!! Thank you!

  14. Read Dead Gone loved it and just finished Dying Place best books I have read in ages !!! Been looking for more now addicted just going to read one of your short stories Hope Murphy has got many more cases to solve. Living in Glasgow can relate to many of the situations Please please don’t be long in bringing us a new adventure. Just going to share my experience on Facebook xx

  15. Halfway through Dead Gone Luca. Really enjoying the story line so far. For a first book the writing and characters are tightly written and, always nice that the main guy ( Murphy) has a back story in there which can be teased and brought to light slowly. Still trying to get the courage up to start my own book. I get 20 or 30 pages done, then leave it.

  16. Hi Luca,
    I’m an avid fans of audio books and I recently discovered “Dead Gone” while I was searching for narration by Jonathan Keebler who is a favourite of mine.
    I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed and I think Mr Keeble does your work credit. I enjoyed the book so much that I immediately searched for more of your work and was rewarded with “The Dying Place” which I am yet to start.
    My daughter is also a big fan, she is currently studying at Liverpool Uni so your material has really hit the mark with her.

    Best wishes.

  17. Hi, Read Dead Gone a few weeks ago and started The Dying Place last night! I mostly read British Detective novels and have worked by way through Rankin,Robotham,Billingham,Robinson,McBride and MacDermid! So pleased to have found a new author that follows particular characters through their books!

  18. Just finished the dying place and i`m now awaiting the next instalment , hopefully we`ll learn more about Rossi πŸ˜‰ You can weave a story that`s for sure , a very enjoyable read

  19. Currently reading dead gone. My missus is reading the dying place. Loving the books. And we’re both from West derby

  20. June 11,2015
    Just finished your first work, “Dead gone”. I was hooked from the beginning and your book made me read on and on and on till early in the mornings. It is impressing as far as story, structure and style are concerned. I am really eager to start the second.

  21. Am so glad to see a release date for your 3rd book – I’ve been waiting for such a long time! I know it will be worth the wait though! X

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